Thursday, February 19, 2015

Domestic Power Struggles

This is a true story. And it happens quite often. Is it that Storm wants to be the center of my attention at all times? Or does he think the laptop (my laptop!), the newspaper, the table, any book I attempt to read and myself are fancy cat pillows for him to sit on? Or maybe it's all a game to him. What ever it is, I have to admit he is very annoying at times. It's not just that I can't work with him sitting on my keyboard, but he also manages to hit a lot of keyboard shortcuts for whichever program is running in the foreground on my laptop. And it takes a while for me every time to restore everything to it's old state, *sigh*.

Ah well, he's adorable when he is sleeping, which is luckily most of the time. Which gives me time to draw comics about him. So in the end, I win, muwahaha!

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