Thursday, October 29, 2015


Halloween is not something that is widely celebrated here in the Netherlands, as far as I am aware of. If it was though, I'd hope a feline version was celebrated as well. A while ago, I learned that horrible things are done to black cats in some countries, in particular this time of year. Seriously, it's just a black cat! A furry bundle of cuddles! Love them, don't hurt them! 

Oh, and I promise to hand any cat, black or any other colour, a big festive Halloween cat-treat if it shows up at my door! (Which is unlikely, by the way, since I live on the 4th floor, but still.)

Happy Halloween! 

Thursday, October 15, 2015


This really happened! Well, without Storm standing on two legs and pointing at my shoe, but he did sniff it and look at me as if he thought it was the origin of the smell. Cunning, but I did not fall for it! ;)

Thursday, October 1, 2015


You are probably wondering what happened to this comic to make it look so... different. Well, my work-pc crashed, so I couldn't scan and colour my comic like I always do. So what I did was draw it (you probably saw that coming), colour the original with watercolour/pencil/marker (which was extremely scary), and then I took a picture. Which is why it looks rather horrible. It should be a temporary issue though, I hope all is back to normal by the time I post the next comic.

I don't like laser mouse toys. I noticed they confuse Storm, because he can't find his 'prey' after hunting it. Even when I tried to make certain the red dot 'disappeared' under furniture when we were playing with the laser mouse, he still kept looking and searching for it. So Storm was frustrated and I felt guilty, not exactly the way you want to feel after a nice play-workout with your cat! So we stick to crumpled up paper mostly now :D