Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday the 13th

Though I am not superstitious, I do understand mild just-in-case forms of superstition. Like the football-player who refuses to wash his socks because he is afraid his team's winning streak will end. It can't hurt, right? Apart from being a potential health hazard maybe. 

What I do not and will never understand, is how some people think black cats are bad luck, and go out to hurt them in some countries. If you are that convinced they are evil, you should lock yourself up in your house on Friday the 13th, that way you can be sure you will not run into any black cats. Better yet, get yourself institutionalized, because you are crazy. Really.

I do admit to avoiding to walk under ladders, though. Why? Because I don't want to end up with a bucket of water or paint on my head. Simple as that.

Not superstitious, but practical. 



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