Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Idea

It is true: sometimes it isn't easy at all to come up with something, while other times an idea just pops up out of nowhere. I am awful at working ahead, so, since this comic/blog updates on Thursday, I usually get a little worried if I didn't think of something yet on Monday. It takes a few days to draw and colour, after all. And Storm, who is always a distraction, seems to try even harder to distract me when I am in an 'I really have to think of something now!-state'.

Luckily, I sometimes get an idea out of his distructi... err, distractive behaviour. Quite often, actually. Come to think of it, this comic might not even have lasted without him. Seventeen episodes already! And it still doesn't have a title... I am considering 'Taken by Storm' at the moment, since he tends to take over the comic on a regular basis. Though Google just told me there's books and movies and companies called that already. There must be a lot of cats called Storm that are like my Storm.....

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