Thursday, January 8, 2015

As the search for 'my comic' continues, I find myself stuck in these bandages for a bit longer. Don't worry, in real life I am not bandaged at all, but it's just that imagining someone going out on the streets while totally covered in bandages brought on a lot of funny ideas.

Now, as you remember from the previous episode, there was no plastic surgery involved at all, just a confused cat. Cosmetic surgery is a funny thing though, isn't it? I would feel silly having an upper lip that's so swollen it looks like it was stung by a bee, yet there's people who get that done intentionally! And just this week, I read about this 'real-life-soap-star' who stated the best way to avoid facial wrinkles was to not laugh at all! That's just crazy. Ah well. I do hope that doesn't keep you from laughing!

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