Thursday, January 22, 2015

Compulsive Cats

Cats are known to be playful, of course, but my cat Storm seems obsessed with playing. And I suspect he is not the only cat with that 'problem'. He has a lot of toys, which are usually scattered across the living room, and he rarely manages to walk past them without touching them. His playfulness extends beyond his own possessions, he tends to see playing possibilities where I see simple household items and such. My pencils and erasers are not safe from him either, nor are my reading glasses (!). He loves to 'steal' things like that, and plays with them near the front door, preferably hiding them in my shoes after. 
I sometimes test his compulsiveness by lining up various small objects (plastic lids from bottles, wine corks, matchboxes etc) near the edge of a table, to see if he can walk past them without pushing them off. He never can. 

Of course it is that same (be it obsessive or not) playfulness which makes me love him, and all cats for that matter. So I take the occasional eraser in my shoe for granted :)   

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