Thursday, August 20, 2015


This reminds me of that time I bought Storm a collar. I had moved to my current apartment, and since it's on the 4th floor, I was somewhat worried Storm would fall of the balcony (he can be rather clumsy when walking over narrow ledges), so I bought him a beautiful red collar. Much like in this week's cartoon, though it didn't have a heart-shaped tag with his name on it. Now that I think about it, perhaps he would have liked it more if it had. Unfortunately, he hated the collar. When I put it on him (which was a bit of a struggle), he crouched on the floor, as if something extremely heavy was on his back. In the end I gave up and put chicken wire all around the balcony. So now when I am enjoying a cup of coffee on my balcony, I feel like I am sitting in a chicken coop. Ah well, anything for the cat.....

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