Thursday, September 3, 2015

Redundant - again!

As you may notice, this week's comic is a bit more space-efficient than usual. One strip seemed a better fitting size for this idea, and stretching it to cover 2 strips would not have made it better. 

I find deciding what goes in which panel the hardest part of making a comic. It needs to build towards the gag, which is in the final panel (you did notice that, right? If not, I am failing badly!), but you don't want the reader to see the joke coming from a mile away, yet you have to be sure it's clear what the joke is! I need to watch the amount of text I use, since I have a tendency of going on and on about something, yet I do want the text to be a substantial part of the story, because I like text.

It's hard work. Really.
So I am sure you can see how unfair it is that my job was stolen by a cat. My cat. 

And yes, I am perfectly capable of distinguishing reality from fiction, why are you even asking that? 

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