Thursday, December 18, 2014

A First Try: About Cats

What should my comic strip be about?  A potential topic happened to sit right next to me: Cats!

So, what is it with me and cats? I have always loved them, have always had them around me.

This picture was taken in 1966, the cat is Hugo, the human is me. And the bear in the picture is Flappie, by the way. When Flappie got older, he faded from blue to gray. For years I thought he was an elephant, because of his colour. Only much later, I found out he was an ordinary bear. 

At an early age, I started drawing cats:

Or at least I think it is a cat. We didn't have any other animals in the house, just Hugo, so I am assuming it is him. He certainly is as hairy as the real Hugo!

After some practicing, the cats I drew became more recognizable as such:

And stayed with me through the years, of course:

1974, with Poppeltje

So, to get back to my original topic, it would make a lot of sense to draw a cartoon about cats:
However, as the first episode shows, perhaps it wasn't such a good idea, since it's hardly original.

It is always fun drawing Storm though, the orange cat in this comic strip. He actually has a small cat-bed with giraffe-print that sits on the table in my small studio- or the small room I call that ;) He seems to like to watch me draw, though it makes him fall asleep after a while. I do hope my drawings don't have that effect on you! 

So, no comic about cats, I will need to find something else to draw about. Join me next week, as the search continues! 

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