Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Size Matters

Yes it does. Where comics are concerned, at least. The first published comics I made were for a small magazine a friend of my mother set up, and it made sense to me to draw a strip that was full-page, rather than half page. It was called "Hoe het Verder Ging" and was about a couple that got divorced, since the magazine it was to appear in dealt with issues divorcees might encounter. Taken from life, because my parents also got separated back then. Though the first episode of that comic looked a bit different, the following pages contained four strips per page. I found that just enough to build up a gag nicely, and in the process tell a bit more about the (broken) family the strip was about. Besides, every comic strip I knew had that same format, so it didn't really occur to me to do it otherwise.

I made 'Noach & Zijn Familie' for the same magazine, once again choosing the four-strip full page format. The main character was a modern day Noah, who had a small caravan instead of an ark, and the family vacations. No auto-biographic elements in that one, mind you, we didn't have a caravan. 

With later strips I published, I always had the size of the magazine they were for to take into account, so they mainly stayed the same four-strip (A4) size. 

But now with the web, there is suddenly a lot of freedom where the size (and a lot of other things, of course) is concerned! You can do anything you want really, size-wise!

As you can see in this week's comic strip, I am exploring that particular topic:

  See you next week, when our search continues!

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