Thursday, December 11, 2014

First Steps

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to draw. 
Once I discovered comic strips, I knew that was what I wanted to make. My Heroes were Franquin (who made 'Guust Flater'), Morris and Goscinny (Lucky Luke) and Uderzo and Goscinny (Astérix) and Hergé (Kuifje - Tintin).

I don't remember when exactly I made my first small comic strip, but it must have been in the late seventies. Apologies for the poor quality of the image, I had to scan an ancient photocopy, as I seem to have misplaced the original drawings. 

It's about a panicking mother, who comes running into the room where a man is sitting in a chair, reading a newspaper. "The baby just drank all the ink from the inkbottle, what should we do?" "Write with pencil", the man answers. 
I took the idea from a book with (corny) jokes I had, I think I actually planned to turn every joke in that book to a comic strip, but I never got beyond this first one. 
The material I used was the same as it still is: pencil on paper, tracing the pencil with pen and ink and then erase the pencil when the ink has dried.

The second strip was my own idea:

It shouldn't be too hard to understand even if you don't speak Dutch, the text in the last balloon is: "Oh, look at these poor little flowers". 

Though I have been drawing a lot of illustrations and cartoons etc, it has been a while since I have drawn comic strips, and I feel ready for a brand new one! What I want to do here, is take you with me through the process of creating a new comic strip. If you want to join me on that trip, that is!

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